“There’s not a lot that I’m driven by more so than my kids. I mean, I try to keep a healthy marriage. My husband and I have been married for 13 years. But I wake up every day for my kids. I guess y biggest struggle is that I never feel like there’s enough money. I want to make sure my kids have a house to live in. Make sure they’ve got food on the table. Make sure the lights stay on. Those are big priorities to me. My husband and I both work. We’ve got three different incomes, but it never seems like enough. I just want to make sure I keep my kids happy and bring them up as good people, smart, polite. I have a son who’s 12…”.

“He’s 11.”

“Oh right.” *laughs* “He’s 11. She’s my little…”


“My husband and I have been married about two and a half years, but we’ve known each other for almost 10 years now. We were friends for a while, then dated for about 6 years or so before we got married. What can I say? I love him so much. He takes such good care of me.”

“Even though I can’t play music, I really love music, and I really love being around people that love to play music. I tried to pick up drums, but I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t even into music that much in high school, but I really loved going to concerts with my friends in high school. Even if I didn’t like the bands, I liked the experience of being at concerts. When I came to RPI, I got involved in this community that put on small concerts on campus. I got to help run that and put together concerts. That was the coolest thing in the world.

And that inspired me to change what I wanted to study. I came to the school for chemical engineering, but after learning about all of the electronics that powered these concerts, I switched to electrical engineering. And I’ve come full circle. Music and electronics inspired me to change my major, and now I’m using my engineering knowledge to help musicians create better music.

I like that I’ve found a community of people that really love art and music, people that understand that the humanities are just as important as engineering. Without art, technology doesn’t ever get into anyone’s hands.”

“Yo! Get a picture of us!”

“I want to get my life together. I’m a diabetic. I want to start paying more attention to my health. I want to get my own house for my own family. Make my life better. Make my grandson happy. I want something better for him. I know what I need to do. I need to get back to school so I can learn to read and write. I want to be able to read street signs and learn the roads. I want to be able to read to my grandson. I wish I was just on a beach somewhere, like Hawaii or Florida, reading with my grandson. He’s my pride and joy. That’s all I’ve got in life.”

“Ain’t nothing going on for me. I’m on disability. I’m on a fixed income. Can’t take vacations. I guess I keep going on for my wife. I’ve been married 18 years. I can’t handle her nagging, though. She’s always bitching me out for being wrong. My wife’s a bitch… and she knows it. I call her that all the time. She’s the queen of bitches.”

There’s got to be something good about her.

“Oh I didn’t say there’s nothing good about her. I was just pointing out that she *is* the queen of bitches.”

And what does she call you?

“An asshole.”

“I wanted to do something like you’re doing: talk to people and help share their stories. But what you’re doing right now, going out and talking with people… that’s the part I haven’t had the courage to do. It’s the one step that I haven’t been able to work myself up to. But you’ve inspired me to at least try, so… thank you!”

“I *really* like coffee. I actually woke up in the morning once, realized I was out, and drove immediately to the grocery store to get some.”

“Tea. It’s what gets me going in the morning. Without it, I simply cannot function.”

“He’s everything to me. I know I’m young, but I do like being a mom. It’s not bad once you get used to it. My family helped me a lot, which made it easier for me. After I had the baby, everything was different. It took me awhile to get used to getting up in the night and all that stuff, but it’s easier now that he’s bigger. I still can’t believe I had a kid.”