"There was a time in my life I struggled with anger. I didn’t know how to control it or deal with it. Someone spoke to me about it, and taught me that if you feel a conversation starting to turn into an argument, if you pay close enough attention to that conversation, you can see the signs of anger creeping in, and you can stop it before it becomes a raging fire. You have to put your ego aside, and you’ll have a better opening to others. You can put the fire out. That was something I struggled with a lot growing up. My father was always an angry person, so I thought I had to be like that in order to get my point across. But I’ve learned how to get my point across without anger. I’ve learned how to calm people down when they’re getting worked up. I’ve learned that a simple ‘I’m sorry you’re right’ cuts through everything.

I don’t know if God is real, but I know I have a heart. I know someone can hurt me when they say negative things to me. I have feelings. I’m a human. There is love within me. So why not keep the negativity away? Why not take the love within me and share that. Life is too short. Why not let me try to join hand-in-hand with you so we can enjoy the little bit of time we have together. You can spend every day saying ‘I’m a good person. I look out for other people.’ But really… do you? Did you really ever change someone’s life? Is there anyone in the world that knows that they are who they are today because of you? Life is time, and time runs out. I don’t know when my time will run out. What have I done to be remembered by one person? You don’t need to be remembered by everybody. Just one person that remembers your name, one person who you’ve made a difference in their life. They can think of you as a positive force, even when you’re not around anymore. It all comes back to the time that you take to change yourself."