My job situation has always been a struggle.  I just moved into this area from Albany.  I felt like I should look for something in Troy since it's easier to get around here.  I spend much time seeking employment. What money I am getting from social security is not enough. I would like to get some part-time job for some extra money. There's a few places I applied, but I haven't heard back. I just have to keep trying.

For many years, I was homeless and in a shelter, but I had faith in God and he helped me through all that. Now I’ve got a place of my own. Of course, you have to be careful out there because life is tough, but don't give up. Keep trying. Don't lose faith. Faith is very important to me. I say prayers on Fridays and special occasions, and I make sure I praise God for what He did for me and what He’s doing for me.