The struggles I'm having right now are good. They're good struggles.

I'm in recovery right now. The kind of stuff I had to deal with in addiction was hell. Now that I've got the right mindset... I can't forget that no matter how far I get away from it, I'm still always just one step away. It's tough trying to find balance and keep on the right side of that struggle. That's probably the biggest thing I'm learning right now: having a healthy balance of everything.

Our relationship is fairly new. Getting used to having a life of my own but also a life with somebody else and trying to balance out the two... that's a struggle too, but it's a struggle that I like to have. It's worthwhile having someone be able to put things in a different perspective.

When you're in addiction, that's really what your relationship is... I haven't been in a relationship in several years because my relationship was with a drug. Now that's out of the picture, I have someone I truly care about and love and can put the same kind of effort into that I put into addiction—but in a healthy way. It feels good. It feels better. I can wake up every day and know that I'm doing the right thing.