“I’m a kid’s librarian, but I’m not your stereotypical librarian. I’m not really quiet. I don’t shush people. I encourage kids to play. You won’t see me telling people to be quiet at the library. And I love it when kids say they’d rather die than read. The best thing is surprising them with the perfect book. Books give people such joy—if you have the right book, anyway. Being able to do that for people—it's a good feeling. I deal with stories all day. Really, that’s what we’re all about. Our existence—everybody has their own story. There are things that connect us all. When you come across those tethers… that’s exciting.

My favorite author is E.B. White. What an incredible guy. I would love to have a drink with him. One of my favorite short stories by him is called ‘Bedfellows’, about the ghost of his dachshund. I was really affected by that story, and of course by Charlotte’s Web. Animals are near and dear to my heart. In my spare time, I do some animal right’s activism. I sign a lot of petitions. But I still feel like there’s more that I could do. I just haven’t figured out what that is. It might be writing a book or something. Maybe not a book, per se. Reading E.B. White has made me love essays. I don’t just want to have a life that I enjoy, I want to be a part of something that is larger than me. I’m in my early 50’s, so I realize that time is… well, I hear the clock ticking. So I want to have at it.”