"A couple of my friends turned out to be professional athletes, professional boxers, world champions. They all grew up in the projects with me here in Troy and went on to great careers. I didn’t box professionally, though. Just actual fights. *laughs* Things have been so down lately, though. I’m on social security. I have so many injuries that I got from painting and roofing. It’s just been hard. It’s been a real hard struggle. I haven’t worked in five years. I’ve had six surgeries. I just had an MRI the other day, now I have to go back and see the results. I just wish I could move to a nicer place where the landlords take care of their property so we can have a nice home. That’s it. That’s all I want. To hang out in the back yard with the grandkids, have a safe place where they can come. There are other things in life that I’d like to have, but realistically they’re not going to happen unless something comes through for me. I’m sorry, I know it’s a bleak picture, but it’s honest. I’m being real. This is part of the real stories of Troy. I hope it gets better. It has to."