“I have a lot of hardship to worry about, but I don’t want to give up. My biggest passion is music. Music is everything. No matter what. I could be mad; I listen to music... I’m good. I don’t care what genre you listen to, everybody’s got one song for each emotion. You've got hype songs. You got songs that meet you exactly how you’re feeling at any point in time. Depending on who you listen to, they’ve got something for you. It's art, and the writing process is the best part for me. It’s like writing a diary or a journal. When you can tell a story in that way… that’s impressive to me. Some of my favorite rappers, they can tell their story, just rhyming and putting words together in ways I didn’t know you could. I’m like… wow. How do you do that? You can get all your emotions out, express how you feel, just writing in that book, phone, whatever. Sure, you gotta find a good beat or whatever, but it’s really just poetry, and poetry is good. Poetry does it for a lot of people.”