"I was a murderer.

I ain’t gonna lie. What I did… it had to be done. Except that when you share a great story or make a great contribution to life, you get to say, “Hey, I did this.” But the thing I knew I had to do? I was a murderer for five years. I didn’t achieve nothing. My story is no story.

I served in the military for 5 years. I thought I was gonna die in Afghanistan, but I didn't. I don’t regret it. I volunteered. I made that decision. I knew what I was getting in to. And I’m luckier than a lot of guys. I got shot in the lung and I've got the scar to prove it. But I’ve still got two legs, two hands… I'm very lucky. But I also just see it how it was. I had to witness things that I didn’t think were very logical, y'know? The mathematics of it.

The people over there… they were just simple people. They didn’t care about all the stuff we care about. This is what gets me mad. People here don’t understand… we’d go blow up their mud houses and put in plumbing. They don’t want plumbing. They just want to be them. Like… you wouldn’t blow up a house here in South Troy and replace it with a mansion. Their ways of life are so much different. They’ve had nothing all their life, so for them to suddenly get all this infrastructure… it’s a shock. You’re shocking them almost like the Europeans shocked the Indians with guns. You know what I mean?

One time, I was almost married off to a woman over there. I accidentally threw a grenade into this guy’s fence and killed all his goats. I brought him a $20 because I felt bad, and he tried giving me his daughter because it was so much money to them.

It’s just a different world. It’s humbling. And you’ve got the idiots over there just like you’ve got idiots over here. Take ISIS for example. They’re just gangs with a government. We’ve got gang killings here… and they're atrocious, but the US government cracks down on them. ISIS is the same concept, only they’ve got a government. And you can’t fight a gang because you take one person out and tomorrow two or three more might take their place.

Sometimes it’s just better left as it is. You don’t need to poke. You don’t need to prod. Sorry… I just see things differently than most."