I lost the first job I ever had. My oldest son—his mother didn’t tell me she was pregnant with him. For three months, she didn’t tell me she had him. When I finally found out, I couldn’t focus on my work. It was a good job—an easy job, but not knowing for so long and missing him and just finding out now, dealing with all this stuff. It was all just so heavy on my mind.

I don’t know how other people would react, but music, to me… I can feel how the artists feel when they’re singing. I don’t know how it works or why it works, but that’s what happened. That whole time, there was this one song that always got to me when I’d listen to it. Always. I’d just end up breaking down. It’s a song not many people know about… Like Father Like Son by The Game. It killed me whenever I heard it.

My kids are really what keep me going. I get up and take them to school in the morning, and it makes me feel good. It feels good that they’re in school because I was never able to go to college. If they keep following that path, they can get to college. That’s what I’m hoping for.