“I’m from Puerto Rico… moved here about 7 months ago. I like it here. I miss my country, though. I used to go to the rooster fights. Y’know, cock fighting? I loved that. I left behind 42 roosters and 3 horses there. I used to have a big farm, too. I miss it.

I got married a few weeks ago, but it was only for business… to get to the States. I mean, we’re friends. But at the wedding, I felt like… I don’t know. It felt like nothing. She wanted me to love her, but... I just like her. I guess I’m just waiting for my real love some day. Wait for that right time, the right woman to come along, when I’ve got everything ready for her… then I’ll get divorced. I’m too young for settling down right now. When I get old, get some money, get a big house, then I’ll start thinking about that.

My dream? To become a model. You’re going to see me one day in a magazine and say, ‘Oh, it’s that guy I took a picture of!’”