I love the people I have around me right now. They’re amazing, they’re supportive, they’re funny. This year more than ever it’s been highlighted to me: we aren’t people without other people around us.   I’m from California, and I live in an apartment right now with 4 other people: one from Pennsylvania, one from France, one from Hawaii, and one from the Czech Republic. I've got an international group of friends. I’ve learned that people everywhere are different, but there are a lot more similarities than differences.   Like... French people don’t call french toast “french toast”, they call it “lost bread” because you chop off the edges of the bread that's stale and you make french toast out of it. But everybody has some version of that dish. My Czech friend's mom also makes a variation of french toast. I can’t pronounce what they call it, but it’s great. And my friend from Pennsylvania, his mom makes it with bourbon. Point is: we’ve all got french toast, we just make it a little differently or call it something else.