"I’m married to Jesus Christ. It says in the Bible that you can be married to Jesus. I thought you had to be a nun, but I started going to the Episcopal church and I learned that you don’t have to be a nun to be married to Jesus. You can take the bread and wine without going through a ceremony. I didn’t really grow up religious, but I’ve gotten a lot more religious in the last two or three years. Not sure why... it just happened.

My boyfriend belonged to the Episcopal church. I used to go with him sometimes, but for whatever reason I just stopped going. Then one day, I said to myself, 'I’m going to make my bed for God.' I don’t normally make my bed, but I decided I’d start making it for God. I knew this lady who went to this other church that was closer to my home, so I started going there with her. And then my boyfriend passed away. He owed $200 on his cable bill, so I went to the Episcopal church and asked them for the money, and they gave it to me. So I said to myself, well, I might as well start going there. That’s not the real reason I go there, though. I really started going there because I had just moved to new apartments and that church was closer. But it got me going to Bible study on Saturday and Sunday, and I’m learning a lot there."