“I try to be positive about life. I’m a work in progress. I feel like I encounter a lot of negative people. That’s been my life in an office lately. But every day, I get out and take a walk with Ruby, take it all in, try to feel grateful for the moment I’m in and where I am. It helps me be appreciative of what I have. My ultimate goal is to help people. I used to work with kids—worked at a daycare center—and I loved it. That’s definitely my passion. If I could make what I do now working at an office working with kids, I would absolutely do that. I work in behavioral health for a health insurance company, so I am kind of helping people; but I’d eventually like to get back to more hands-on with kids. There wasn’t a single day I dreaded going to work when I did that. I’m trying to get back to grad school, even if it’s just part time. I know I’ll get back there someday. It’s what I love.”